Dean Jones Photography - Hereford wedding photographer

I have sat here staring at the screen trying to think of something to say about me. This is hard for me as I can tell a story with photographs, but ask me to write something and I go blank. I am determined to give you something though, so here goes.

I love photogra……you already know that right? Ok take 2.

  • I am married to my beautiful wife Coleen and we have 3 children who are all unique but equally amazing.
  • We live in the beautiful Herefordshire countryside, away from the hustle and bustle, surrounded by open fields.
  • We have two dogs, Hugo the Labradoodle and Honey the thingy. Honey was brought home by Coleen after telling me she was going to get a table. I have no idea what breed Honey is but she and Hugo are the best of friends and a constant source of entertainment.
  • I like most sports apart from cricket…I used to play a lot of sports but now just do things to keep fit like Crossfit etc – entered the Crossfit open this year, google it, it’s tough.
  • I play guitar, electric and acoustic and used to be in a band, not a famous one so you won’t want my autograph.
  • To relax I like to watch comedians, Micky Flanagan and Lee Mack are my favourites and Mock the week is my favourite TV show.

Now about my job.

This photography thing was a long term hobby that has turned into a job since 2011. I literally love what I do, when people say that if they won the lottery they would give up work, I think, no, I wouldn’t. I seriously wouldn’t stop doing this even if I was that rich….which I’m not…yet. I get to meet different people every week and take photographs of them on one of the best days of their lives.

If you want a photographer who will capture your day with photographs that tell your story, without cheese, get in touch and let’s discuss your plans.


Things you do get with me as your photographer

Beautiful images that tell the story of your day.
Stunning portraits.
A photographer that loves being around people

Things you won’t get with me as your photographer

Cheese……I don’t do cheese !

This is me below. No, I don’t like my photo being taken either.